About Us

Ezelee Services is a brand of various businesses founded by Marylee Nwoye in 2006.  Its aim is to be a globally respected and recognisable business Quality Standard Mark: Ezelee Services Approved.  Ezelee Services is also a business connector; linking businesses to clients though its referral scheme in the business sectors that its portfolios occupy.

Marylee Nwoye is a high calibre BA (Hons) Business Management with Marketing and CMI Post Graduate consultancy professional who has over 15 years experience in the United Kingdom public sector; including Central Government and Local Authorities.


In 2018 a career achievement was reached when a self-developed review submitted to a United Kingdom Government Department as a solution to its ‘Fixing our broken  housing market’ problem was accepted.  She identified an opportunity for a Quality Standard for service delivery within Small Business Community.